how to deal with people

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August 11, 2015   |  

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how to deal with people
Being in Public Relations means you have to deal with, well, the public. The people.

Sometimes it can be very trying to do so, but it is essential as a PR professional. One of the most important skills you can teach yourself in life is how to deal with people and certain situations. I have done many random jobs in my life and no matter what you are – a PR manager, a lab assistant, a barista or a pizza maker at a fast food chain, you are always going to encounter  crazy people.

The variation and degree of crazy changes, but it is always at the root, the same deal. Here are some tips in handling these kinda folks:

1. Don’t take it personally
I used to take criticism fairly personally until I realize that there must be some internal aggravation that is going on with that person. Unless you have intentionally made this person angry or crazy, you are a small part of the bigger picture of why they are acting this way.

2. Don’t keep it with you for the entire day
Another downfall of mine would be that if I received negative feedback, I would keep it in mind for a long, long time. This is not only useless but unhealthy for you. Process that negativity and then let it go. Some people use exercise or chatting to a friend or even writing to excise it.

3. Put your ego aside
You could most likely be very right about something, or have previous experience to warrant you being correct in a certain situation – but guess what? These people don’t want to hear that. The more fuel you add to the fire, the greater and longer the burn. Unless you like arguing or debating for hours (which is a great waste of your time) – swallow your ego for that specific moment and agree to disagree.

4. Be proactive
If it’s a client that’s acting up , give them no reason to at the very beginning. Clearly state expectations for campaigns you’re running. Under promising and over delivering is so much better than over promising and not being able to live up to it. Getting press coverage is one thing but managing your clients expectation is more paramount.

5. Know your limit
For the most part, I’ve been saying let it go and move on. However, it is important to know the difference between pettiness and abuse. Verbal abuse should never be tolerated in any job. Do not attempt to escalate the situation by turning it into a shouting match, but let them know that you will not tolerate being verbally abused or reach out to your boss for help.

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