5 tips to write a great press release

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August 11, 2015   |  

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5 tips to write a great press release
Writing a press release has changed greatly from when I started in PR (yes, I’m doing this old lady rant). Long gone are the days of having to pick up newspapers to find out who writes what column, compiling media contacts that way and faxing press releases.


Releases are more interactive with live links in them, added photos and the ability to connect with a client through the wonderful world of social media.

That being said, the basic principles still apply with some fun details to go along with it. In fact, can it still be called a press release? It seems like these cool cats nowadays are calling it a media release. No longer do we have to know the difference between a press kit and an EPK (electronic press kit) because they are one in the same now.

Anyway here are some tips to write your press release for better pick up.

1. Accomplish answering the 5Ws+H in the first paragraph.
Yep, the first thing you ever learn in PR school still rings true. The first paragraph should have the who, what, when, where, why and how. Any other extraneous information is for 2nd and 3rd paragraph.

2. Links on Links on Links on Links
Don’t forget the usefulness of links. In fact, you should probably have the first mention of your company be a link back to their page. For example, “Starbucks releases new drinks just in time for summer!”

3. The importance of a lead
Wordplay in your title? Oh you’re cute. Unfortunately, some people won’t get your cute sense of humour and they wont even bother opening up your release. Not saying keep it bland and boring, make them curious to open up the email but don’t be too boring or too cute.

4. Contact information
Your contact information is so important. Put your email, twitter handle and phone number. The more easily accessible you are, the better (but please, do not link them to your Xanga page).

5. Keep it short
Aint nobody got time for that. Media folks care for:

  • the 5Ws + H
  • a little more information in the form of one-two more paragraphs that aren’t pages long
  • your contact information and details for interviews/previews

If they have to scroll more than one or two times on my computer, then it’s too much!

If you nail these practices down, then your chances of getting picked up increase greatly.

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