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Pink Fork Media is a creative company that specializes in creating thoughtful marketing and public relations campaigns, exciting events and noteworthy videography and photography. With the constant state of flux the marketing and public relations world is in, it’s essential to stay on top of trends in our industry. Our finger is always on the pulse of what’s new, helping connect your brand with the right audience. You can think of us as the Lewis and Clark of the digital world, endlessly exploring new domains to keep your business and ours fresh and exciting.


What's on the menu.

Digital Marketing

It’s the 21st century, if your company doesn’t at least have a basic website that people can find online, you better tell us to get on it. That’s just one component of an intricate digital marketing strategy we can provide for you, depending on your needs. Placing ads, updating your online presence, if there is something you should be doing in the world wide web we will let you know.

Public Relations

You have a great product, business, app, idea that you want to show the world, but you don’t know who to tell to make sure everyone knows it, that’s where PR comes in. Work with a seasoned PR professional to help create your brand’s tale.

Social Media

Social media looks easy because it’s free and easily accessible, but a well executed social media campaign requires strategy, attention, and constant knowledge of such a volatile platform. From small businesses to corporate accounts, our team has experience in creating engaging posts, tweets, pictures, and contests to complete any objective. Post campaign analytics and training can also be provided to keep you as informed as possible.

Business Development

You've got a great business, but growing pains are a real issue. Whether you're trying to expand your team, move into a project management system, update business processes or just even trying to find an easier way to accomplish tasks, we can help your business run smoothly.


The key to a successful event is not just making sure the big items are taken care of, but also that the little details are unique and properly executed. Restaurant and brand launches, company gatherings or a product promotion – we will tailor it to be as professional or fun as you want.


If you require photos a tad bit more sophisticated than your smartphone selfies, we provide photography services for any occasion. Weddings, birthdays, headshots, your pet’s anniversary, staging a fake trip to Africa, it’s going to look memorable and beautiful.


What’s better than a picture? A moving picture. Whether you need a short, engaging commercial, a detailed promotional video, or even a self-promoting clip for a dating show, we can assist from planning to execution.


Blogging is just writing right? Wrong. Making sure you are providing relevant, up to date content in a way that Google is going to pull up your blog whenever people are searching is an artform. If done improperly, you might as well be typing avkajsdvhaiwerbgawkrgn.

Chinese Social Media Marketing

In today’s globalized village, the more languages you can sell your brand the better. Pink Fork Media can provide Chinese-English translation, social media, and other services you need to get your message across two different demographics.

在現今的地球村裏,你的品牌必須用多種語言去吸引各方面的客戶。Pink Fork Media可以提供中英語翻譯, 社交網絡營銷,或其它需要的服務,讓你在兩個不同的市場裏都可以表達同一個信息。


You got the tools, but you need a little push in the right direction. We can provide consulting to make sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Website Development

Your business is not complete without a current, clean and mobile friendly website.


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